The bank was established and its name was entered into the companies register under No. C.R/ 5236 dated 13/7/1993 by the department of companies register in the Ministry of Trade with capital of 100 million Dinars according to the rules of companies law No. 36 dated 1983 (amended). Following that the Central Bank of Iraq issued its license to the bank to work as a license banking corporation according to the bank license No.10/3/942/5 Dated 28/9/1993 in response to the rules of Central Bank of Iraq law No. (64) for the year 1976 (amended).
The bank began its banking work on 29/9/1993 through its Main Branch and we have 16 Branches in Baghdad and other Governorates as well as a specific office such as: selling and buying stocks and shares office and selling and buying foreign currencies office.
Because of the recognized march of the bank, its capital increased till it becomes 250,000,000,000/- Billion Iraqi Dinars.

The participation in supporting the national economy through mobilizing the national savings and investing them in direct and indirect way in projects that bring benefit back to Iraq and the shareholders through offering recognized services by using the most modern means of banking business and to cover large part of the dealers and businessmen existing in areas where branches of the bank spread all over the country.

Investment Bank of Iraq has non stopped activity and unfinished targets and a firm wise policy. this policy considers the basic profits is the ability to develop the society , bolstering the national economy and being the only one to offer the best services to the customers bank which is the source of its strength.

Out of these constant principles which governed the conduct of the bank during the past years, this bank entity could share in leading the bank march and to form a successful example based on the will , the intention , the work with spirit of one team, vested with patience , trust and honesty.